Which violin is best for beginners?

There are so many different violin brands and models, that it’s hard to choose the correct one. But what a beginner really needs is to get in touch with their instrument’s character; the sound, feel, tone and soundstage. Here are our 5 suggestions for which violins are suitable for beginners.

Top 3 recommendations for beginners

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A-1: Steinway Model A, C, E, B, F and G

If you’ve never played an A-1 before, the answer is simple: it’s a very easy to play instrument. It has an old-school, classical-style sound — just look at the way the strings glide on the strings when played. And it is very responsive, with good intonation and very precise projection.

Best for beginners: $199

The price is a little steep, but it’s definitely worth the investment. For violin buyers, the “C” model is an ideal choice for them. It has the same traditional look and performance as the other models and is a little more affordable. But we’re not convinced about its value; it’s not the greatest value, but we do recommend it for those who want something for beginners without sacrificing the quality of their instrument.

Top 3 recommendations for those who have played a Steinway Model A

B: Gibson Les Paul Series

The Les Paul Series is the best choice for beginners who are starting out, which is why it’s one of our recommended instruments for beginners.

The Les Pauls have become very successful in the last few years, and for newcomers, the sound is a very interesting one. It has the classic, easy to play sound that is very reminiscent of the first decade of the 1920s. The sound is clean with lots of air and not harsh at all, which is a big advantage for beginners. It’s not the fastest violin, but it certainly has many advantages over the other models.

Best for beginners: $299

For those who already have some experience with violin playing, then the Gibson Line Series might be their preferred instrument. It boasts more dynamics than the other models, but it also has a longer neck and a larger soundstage than the other models. The neck can be adjusted so that it’s comfortable for beginners, which is also a big factor for them. This is a great violin for those with good balance and who do not require the soundstage that the B or A-1s lack.

Top 2 recommendations for