Which is easier to play violin or viola? – Violin Notes Chart For Beginners

The answer is, of course, both. But if you’re interested in the difference between violin and viola, please see my violin vs viola page.

Here’s what I mean:

Viola vs Viola – the differences

A violin and viola usually have the same number of strings, are made of the same alloy and they are usually made in the same factories. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are not unique. For example, the instruments commonly manufactured by the American violin maker Benge have a very high level of chromatic tuning, so they are not a violin but a viola. But they are more expensive.

Viola vs Viola – the differences

Viola violas often have slightly different tunings than violas or violins (though in many instances they are interchangeable), they are less expensive than violas or violins. Many of those that are less expensive are made in different factories. But on average, they have the same or similar tunings.

So, why is it better to have an instrument made by someone from a non-viola or viola company? In the name of full-featured playability, yes. If someone else is more skilled at the instrument making process then you’d probably have to pay more for it. The trade off in my opinion is cost. Most of the companies I’m familiar with that make violas can make a violin, but they have a large overhead and they can’t sell it wholesale. This helps make their performance more consistent since the factory can have an inventory of the instruments that it is currently producing. They also pay their employees less money and get greater training in order to avoid losing a lot of sales. (You will find more information about the benefits of working with companies and the advantages of working with suppliers in my book “What the Heck is a Viola?”).

Viola vs Viola – The benefits

All of you violin-playing musicians who are reading this now know that a violin can be a great instrument if you want to play jazz or classical or any classical repertoire. A viola is an excellent performer as well, but the most important difference I have seen between violas and violas is that a viola will often have a larger body and be played by someone with a bigger instrument.

The reason I want you to see what the difference between viola and viola is is because I’ve found that if you read on I’m sure

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