When should I Rehair my violin bow? – Violin Lessons For Beginners

When the string has begun to curl or twist.

Q: What will happen to the string after playing my violin?

Once the string is re-tuned correctly the violin should no longer feel too thin. A thin string will tend to slip or pull. This is not a problem with the high tension tuning. After proper re-tuning of the high tension tuning, these strings will last longer than other strings in many cases. If not played correctly the thin strings can cause damage from the vibrations it causes. So be careful with the high tension tuning while still playing well.

Q: What can I do to protect my violin bow?

You can wrap the string with some type of protective material as shown below. This will provide a better grip for the string. If wrapping is not comfortable you can wrap the string with clear plastic wrap which will prevent the strings from bouncing up from the floor or side of the instrument. You can also leave the string free.

Q: What are the best ways to learn the violin?

The best way is to play and practice with the bow while learning the scale at an easy pace. You will learn how to apply tension properly and apply the proper technique when learning the violin. If your bow is not properly set up you will be able to get an inaccurate playing experience.

A simple way to learn the scale is to hold the bow with your thumb as you play.

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How to properly set up a violin bow?

Q: What are the best violin bows ever made?

This is the question many teachers get often. In the past the answer was to simply have a “string” with a good weighting material. Today bows have different weighting materials to create different playing experiences. The best bow on the market today is the E.L.T. Bambino violin bow. This is the best bow produced by E.L.T., a maker of stringed instruments in the USA.

The bow has a smooth surface to it which allows for easy string setting. The weighting material varies depending on the manufacturer. Most bow makers will provide you with a weighting material which should feel good as you play. I prefer the weighting material to be a light weight as shown below. In my case the weighting material is .003-0.002 and the weight feels good.

How to set up the violin bow?

You can begin by holding the bow with one hand with your

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