What’s the easiest instrument to learn?

This is difficult to answer. In my opinion, it would be a real question about what is “easiest” for a beginner to learn! It depends on the musician, and how good he/she is at what he is learning. However, I can say it is very possible to learn a lot more than what is already available in all aspects of the piano and that’s what I think is really important. There are many books and even a few other resources around so there really could be someone out there that can help us all learn more than what is taught in our music schools! I am always open for other people’s ideas or suggestions, and I know many people in the piano community that just play in private but want to play in a regular venue. I like to encourage everyone to get on the piano for a few lessons just to see what it would feel like.

What is the hardest instrument?

The instrument that really hurts me at times is the organ. It is pretty difficult to get the hang of it, and its very hard to get used to it until you are used to playing a lot of it. It also takes a while to get used to, so it is very hard to be able to keep it within acceptable levels of difficulty.

What is your personal favorite instrument?

My favorite instrument is the organ, my mom’s instruments were all organ. That organ sounded so nice and the melody is amazing and has so many variations, that it’s like a big collection of melodies in one instrument, and really it’s just so nice to hear it. The organ in my case is the marimba, a combination of three notes that have a very complex pattern and a melody that you have to practice over and over again to make it sound normal. It’s also interesting because it’s the first thing I pick up when I first go to a concert. I have learned that playing the marimba makes you think a lot, and when you are used to playing the piano, you start to think a lot instead of be playing and trying to play with a regular mind set.
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Are there any other tips (things I’ve experienced that have given me the most benefit)?

There are so many tips that could help you – if you want to become good at something, I would say practice the basic piano technique, that is, being able to play a lot of very small steps. Practice the piano technique for two hours a day, every single day – it really helps