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Lyrically, it’s the songs. The song list is pretty extensive. And also the songs are pretty fun to listen to. I think that’s why it has such staying power. Because that’s the thing that everybody listens to—or that’s what we want to hear. And so the songs are really fun to play. I have a lot of fun playing those songs, and also there’s a lot of fun in listening to that music.

Did you ever consider any musical influences?
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For me, I wanted to write the guitar, because my mom has played the guitar, and my wife has played the guitar. So it was just, you know, I would want to write a song like Alice Cooper or something. Because I’ve always liked that kind of sound and a kind of “rock and roll” feel—I always thought that was a really cool sound too. I was trying to do something a little bit different. I wanted to create this really heavy sound so that it sounded like a really heavy rock record or something. And so that’s why I chose to use an 8-string guitar.

There’s something so different about playing an 8-string instrument. I guess it’s kind of like sitting behind a piano and really hitting those notes with a real stick. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of the piano in my videos! You can hear some of them on there, but those piano pieces were in the back of my mind really, really all the time. I have really, really good fingers so that’s why I chose that guitar! And then there are all of my songs that have a live feel to them. And then there are some albums, like “Murders”, where all the lyrics have to be written, and then then there are all of the solo stuff that I try to use that is a part of it, but it is not in the overall song, in my opinion. And so that’s when I started experimenting with that.

Did you also play drums in this music?

Yeah, I’m playing drums on a few tracks. And I’ve used a lot of different kinds of drum kits on my records, but the thing that came to me is this big, fat, chrome-covered drum kit that I used for “Murders”. I tried to use that on my own songs, but it wasn’t really working so well for what I was after. So I found a smaller, more compact drum kit and just took it

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