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If the child is in pre-school the instrument of choice can be a piece of music class and the child will be able to enjoy the music and not feel pressure as if it is something special. If you feel that a child should be taught to play the piano it can be a piano class, but this is probably more appropriate for children with physical or developmental disabilities. If, however, a child has a musical disability and would benefit from a piano, a piano for children with music disabilities might be the best choice as it can be a useful tool to have and a safe place for children to practise.

The piano (as well as the piano itself) and the saxophone may also be the best choice for people with hearing or any other impairment associated with their condition.

How do I find a pianist?

It can be helpful for parents to seek out professionals in a specific discipline, such as piano, saxophone or guitar, through our online searching service.

How can I help my child?

It is important to look out for signs that your child may need a keyboard. If the child has a disability it is important not to ignore this but to get it checked out anyway. If the child is in a child care situation and is also being given keyboard time it is important to do the checkups as the child is a child and not just an extension of the caregiver.

How do I ask advice for my child?

If you want to be proactive, if you want to act as a carer to your child or if you prefer not to be part of the family, here is some advice you can provide for advice or help.

Get a check-up or get advice

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If you are concerned about any of your child’s wellbeing, or if you think they are at risk of harm you should seek professional help. If you are worried about your child’s wellbeing in general, do contact your GP.

Don’t forget about your child

Ask your trusted friend, partner or relative whether they can help or recommend a family with an alternative. Ask if any of the people involved may be able to refer you to a specialist.

Don’t dismiss their assistance

Don’t be defensive or dismissive. Explain that you just want to get advice and help. Don’t worry or feel guilty – all you need to do is give advice.

Read up on autism

You should read about autism and it’s symptoms. In particular the

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