Should you clean violin strings? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Music Sheet

For a violin, the answer is simply no – you do not want that oil inside the strings, where it spreads and can cause skin irritation. A typical violin cleaning method involves:

Using a lint-free solution as a solvent – this is a high pressure spray

Taking the strings out of the case – use cotton, paper towels or a cotton swab to get the string-head loose

Using mild detergent and warm water as your cleaner – this is a high pressure spray

For a viola, the cleaning process may involve more steps and require more soap/soap. I am not a professional with cleaning, but these are the steps I use and I would like to help you out…

First off, when you are cleaning a violin, you need to make sure you have a properly positioned, clean violin case.

This is not a new idea, but I have been hearing many violists talking about getting their case off their instrument so they can get into the case for a proper cleaning. Here, I should mention that I have seen some reports from other violin makers who have found clean cases in their instruments. That said, I was always taught the violin case should be moved to the front of the case if cleaned properly, so that it can be placed on a wooden board, shelf, in a cabinet, etc.

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Secondly, cleaning does NOT simply involve using lint free, solvent based lint free. In order to clean a violin, I suggest using a simple, gentle soap and water solution. You will need soap and water and a small quantity of this lint free type, so I suggest you keep it in your instrument case for when your cleaning is complete.

One more suggestion is that when using a soap and water solution (like you would use for cleaning a toilet), be sure you have a few drops left in the solution, as too much will kill the organisms that cause skin irritation. Some people have reported they have actually used this “bath oil” to clean their violin strings!

In both cases, the cleaner will last a while – even for a full cleaning of your violin! I recommend using a water-soluble cleaner when cleaning your violin strings rather than a solvents because you don’t want the strings to absorb moisture, but the string water and string grease may dry and stick too. You can also use an oil-free cleaner, but I haven’t experimented with it yet – the lint-free type should be

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