Is violin the king of instruments?

Well, it’s been given the thumbs up both on its own and at a global level. But the problem is that the violin isn’t just an instrument. It’s an emotion. An emotion that’s the driving force behind the violinist’s art form. That emotion is awe. It’s the need to see, to feel and to understand beyond what one hears. It’s the need to get lost in space, to become lost in the music, to lose oneself. It’s a way a mind will escape from ordinary reality (and our world) and take on a new path.

For centuries, the violinist has made use of these transcendent feelings as part of his art form. But the emotion isn’t just what we hear – it’s why the violinist plays the instrument.

Take the modern violin player, and consider how he sounds on stage with a singer, or to solo a large orchestra. As you listen, you may think you hear the instrument’s tone, but you might be missing the emotional feelings and the passion behind it.

How can we overcome the ‘stereotypical violin sound’?

For years the violinist has been searching for a new sound that will captivate an audience. He has experimented with hundreds of different types of strings and instruments.

He has even built his own violin, as the music of Flemish composer Jean Michel Jarre illustrates. And although he’s had a number of success, no one has had the success or recognition that Jarre has had during his life.

In an interview he shared with BAFTA in 2009, Jarre said:

People have asked me, ‘how do you go past the expectations that every violin maker has had?’. [Laughs.] The biggest thing would be to be a professional musician; have the time and determination to learn the craft. You can do it with a bow. You can do it with a violin, which makes things that much easier.

But the key is to have an emotional connection to the instrument.

And there are times, perhaps, we can’t escape our everyday experiences.

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If someone offers you an old violin, you may be tempted to do what Jarre did. You might find yourself asking questions. It may feel like you’re trying to find a little piece of an emotional puzzle. But that’s not what you’re doing. You’re simply trying to find something you might not be able to find in life otherwise.

So how can