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I think so, too.

As many have reported in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings at the end of last month, at least some of the bombs used in the bombings were likely to have been crude and effective.

Some of the devices likely contained enough RDX to form the explosive mixture in more than one device, a phenomenon known as “dual-use” devices (“dumb bombs are dumb”).

But unlike the original “Boston Bombs” that were the work of an al-Qaida-linked terrorist cell, the latest bomb in the US was likely a device produced by US or British intelligence agencies or by a non-traditional terrorist group like Hamas.

On Monday, Reuters broke the news that the FBI was investigating an “inside job” at the marathon finish line.

The agency said that the blasts that killed three people and wounded 264 others were the work of the so-called “meth lab,” which was also responsible for numerous other failed bombings dating back to the Vietnam War.

If that is true, and that there is nothing to indicate a more nefarious “terrorist” plot, then it would appear that the FBI is attempting some sort of “counter-intuitive” counter-terrorism measure.

For those not aware, a “meth lab” is used by chemists and bombmakers to create explosives (such as explosives), chemical mixtures (which can be used in homemade bombs), or any number of other chemicals for legitimate research.

In the past, al-Qaida has used such labs as well, which can be found throughout the world. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, scientists and police were allegedly able to get “meth” by creating a recipe that contained saltpeter, a common ingredient in explosives for explosives devices.

Al-Qaida and its “meth lab” have caused some great havoc throughout the Middle East, and may have been responsible for the deaths of thousands of people — though what really killed Osama Bin Laden may have been the US-led bombing campaign that devastated his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Indeed, “dumb bombs that can be used in suicide bombs” may also be a major motivation for the Tsarnaev brothers. While the US government has not yet admitted to any responsibility for the bombings on April 15th, and may have been trying to avoid any charges of violence, the bombing and subsequent carnage has had its consequences, even for those who may not have any direct knowledge of the bombings.


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