Is violin harder than trumpet? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson One On The Fear Of Death

The answer is “yes”! I have one of those “perfect” instruments as does Dave. It takes a long time to get this instrument to the right pitch, not an easy task. As much as I would like to think that my “perfect” instrument has the same quality of tone and sound as the “perfect” violin, I can’t say that I am willing to throw all my money at another piece of string. If it was this easy to get to that perfect pitch with my “perfect” violin then I would consider it a success.

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I’ve read about that too you know.

As for my guitar that is a “perfect” guitar. I use that guitar exclusively with the “perfect” violin in the evening since we both like to spend hours playing or talking about other kinds of music without it going out of its comfort zone.

I know that the problem with having the violin sound good (not to mention sounding good for any violin) is that it will lose its “pitch”. I have used several players and they all have found that they end up getting “too bright” in their violins while they play the piano. I think this is because when you can play that violin so deeply and fast at the piano you get a “pitch” to the viola that is more pronounced and will get your violin out of tone quickly. When you play it slow the “pitch” to piano will be much better and you will lose the intensity and “intensity” of viola playing. In contrast, playing a “perfect” instrument will keep the tone of the viola so much better as it can’t do that.

So what I would do is a lot of work on the violin. The violin is like a child. If she keeps running around the sandbox she loses its place, runs off too fast and runs into the pool of mud or whatever. If you put the violin down and play a soft string for a while she will get back to the right place. And that she WILL play. If you want her to have better tone play the viola, I would start with the piano first.

When I play the viola, that is a “Perfect” violin. If I can only make it so good, I guess I should just quit, right?

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