Is violin harder than piano? – Learn Violin Online Beginner Drawing Lessons

Here is the answer…

It depends on the instrument, and it’s also really individual. If you look at the violin, it’s very high strings, and therefore they’re able to take the strain. And you can’t go down and get low strings. You actually have to take your own risks with any instrument and with any instrument design, and I think that’s what the violins, the violins that are most comfortable, are. I’ve had the privilege of playing a few violins, and in each one I had a personal problem, and it was quite a lot of fun. One of the violins I had was just like, ‘It’s like a fucking violin at the end of the world.’

Another instrument I heard this week that was very challenging for me was the cello. I didn’t try it. But I saw one of the cellists for the first time. He was playing on the same instrument I do, and he was playing very much like I do. A lot of the time I am the same with the instrument, but I had another personal problem. I felt that the strings didn’t quite vibrate the way that I prefer, and then I had something happened to me that I realized I needed to have one of those cellis, like a nice big one. That seemed to help me.

How do you find inspiration within your own instrument?

I like thinking of it as being inspired by other instruments, and also by people. My personal style is really influenced by classical music—the Romantic era of music, but also the early jazz and world music music of people like Miles Davis, Buddy Bolden, Stan Getz, Al Green, and David Gilmour.

How long have you been playing the cello?

I started playing the cello, in the late 1960s.

Are you still practicing and learning?

Yeah. My main focus is on learning the repertoire, and my main focus is in playing and rehearsing. At the moment I’m about to start to move to new places in new places. I’m playing at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and at the New York Public Library, and at the Met I’m doing a lot of classical music. I have played in New York, London, and I’m about to do a lot of performances around the world. But I am constantly striving and working on improving for the future.

What were some of your personal goals and thoughts while you were learning

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