Is violin harder than cello?

It doesn’t matter. If the only difference between the two is having fewer fingernails, I think cello is harder than violin. And I’m not saying that it’s as hard as a cello.
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I think so. What’s the difference?

In other words, if you had to do the same thing on your cello as you did on your violin, you’d have to get a lot of fingers. You’d have to put on a lot more weight. You would have to make a lot more use of your hand. And, by the way, it’s not like you have your other fingers free for the viola. What you have to do is change the hand. You can do that on a cello, but it would take you much longer to do that on a violin. And I’m not sure about a cello. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t, when you learn the cello, do something in the same way you could do on violin, so your finger could hold the note on both instruments. I think, though, that the cello and the violin are completely different instruments, and if you wanted to do something that you could do on a cello, you would have to have a lot of fingernails. And I don’t think you can do that with a violin. And I think that one is far more difficult than the other.

A few weeks after Christmas, after the kids went to bed, I got home from the airport and found several of my old boxes. The wrapping paper said “New Year’s 2015” – I could immediately tell it was a gift from someone else – or from someone I knew but never spoke to. I was immediately reminded of the time I did this and how much fun it is; how I put an item into the mailbox, then waited patiently for someone to open my gift and open it up. That seemed to work out really well today. As usual, as the holidays go, I felt like an idiot.

This was my third year of Reddit Secret Santa, and I already knew I was going to get something new this year! This was a lovely time exchange, I’m pretty happy with the way my Santa went about it – they really put a lot of thought into the experience.

After a few messages to my Santa explaining that it was a “long” message that would take some time because I was off my holiday and the box of gift was in my mailbox… Well, after 10 min