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We’ll explain why and the differences between them!

We are proud to present the first ever National Maternity Society of Ireland (NMSSI), a not-for-profit association of mums and dads, providing support to our members, in the areas of child care, baby-grief support, crisis pregnancy and new baby support, as well as pregnancy support and support for new mothers.

The NMSSI was incorporated in October 1991, with the aim of sharing the experiences of mums and dads throughout Ireland. We have since worked closely with various partners in order to support women to have their rights and interests taken into account. It is this kind of experience that has enabled us to share our unique experience among Irish society. We are aware that a large portion of this experience has been shared on the internet and over the telephone, particularly through the internet and telephone support groups; however it is important for new mothers to be aware of the rights they are entitled to.

After a week of intense speculation, Sony has finally unveiled a rumored 1080p HDTV that may come to market sometime in summer next year. The company recently debuted a 12-inch 4K TV at CES, but there hasn’t been any concrete information about specs and pricing over the past few weeks. Now a rumor about a possible HDTV from Japanese retailer just dropped, so perhaps we really are in for some news about what Sony could announce next month.

It’s called the Sony TV-D3.8-C7C, a brand name for the brand-new TV with an 8K resolution and 1080p resolution. The only piece of info we have so far is that it is the first HDMI 2.0 TV that has been certified by the Consumer Electronics Association.

The TV itself will retail for a whopping $7,999 for a 4K model, or $20,599 for a 2.5K model. It goes up against a similar offering from Philips — the E3K4K-B2 (2222), on which we’ve written before.

Here’s the image we shared last week with a bit more detail on the specs:

Dear Theodosia (from Hamilton) Sheet Music | Lin-Manuel ...
The Sony TV-D3.8-C7C is based on a new 14-nanometer “D4” chip that is also the basis for the new HDTVs from Dell and LG. The D4 chip is a big upgrade from the 7-nanometer “D3″ chip that Sony had originally used in the

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