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Have you ever wondered what a real teacher would learn about your music? This video is an exploration of how a violin teacher can help you as an improviser!

A report produced yesterday by the UK’s Office of the Information Commissioner for the UK shows that the Government should be careful how it uses information collected by its National Identity Register.

The report, entitled IDS: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (pdf) is based on the Commission’s examination of the data released by the Government in the wake of the EU referendum result in June.

It reveals that the Government is able to access some of the personal information held by the IDRS if an individual is registered as a British citizen; but if an individual is not a British citizen but is registered as a “foreign national” – then it must rely on the “legality of such registration to be established by the Home Office”.

The Government must be wary of allowing its own database to become a “keystone repository” for information about people around the world. However, the report finds that the IDRS does not make adequate provision for ensuring that individuals are not accessing the personal information without the consent of the Home Office.

It concludes by suggesting the Government consider “changing the rules on when individuals can access personal information to access personal information” to help combat the misuse of the data in the future.

For example, it recommended that if individuals are registered as a British citizen and want to receive the latest news from the Home Office, they should be able to do so via their personal email address – a method which the IDRS appears unable to provide.

It also called on the Government to use its influence over the IDRS to ensure this does not happen in future and was confident that if it does “it will provide some reassurance about the level of freedom and protection for individuals that the IDRS currently offers”.

In response to the conclusions of the report, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said:

“In response to the ICO’s queries, we want to ensure we are providing the right level of information on the IDRS and how we use it.”

The Government said that it has established a number of mechanisms for ensuring the IDRS is properly protected and is not abused.

A spokesperson added: “We work regularly with the ICO and our partners to ensure the information in the IDRS is accessible, usable and used in the most appropriate way.”

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