Is it better to learn piano or violin first?

Yes (but I have seen the difference in my life). Piano makes most of the difference in my life – I can play well and perform well, a violin makes me feel more powerful, powerful enough to do anything I want – and violin makes me the most relaxed, calm, and relaxed.

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What instrument should I learn first?

There is no right answer because it depends on which instrument you prefer. If you are a good keyboard player it might be violin; if you prefer to play with an instrument like an organ or a piano you might learn piano. It was the case for me that I started playing classical music first, when I was 6, and then I went to piano and learned it from the beginning.

What were your parents’ thoughts around music education?

My parents were always excited about music education. They were always asking “where can I find this?” For school they also asked whether to take piano lessons or violin lessons. They liked the idea of me playing piano, and to be with others performing music. When I went to music lessons they liked to do a little research to see if students like to play. So they asked questions like “Where do you learn to play piano?” and then you hear “You must be a good pianist to do this.” I was quite surprised, because when people asked this question they would probably think of music school and violin lessons. But they were still surprised about the idea of me playing violin.

Did they ever make you get to do a concert?

Yes, in fact I did a concert in Tokyo one year. But of course I had to do a few rehearsals because I was such a shy child with no confidence, but my parents still believed in my potential and wanted me to be good in every way that could help me move forward.

How would you describe your childhood in Japan?

I had a good experience until age 6 when my uncle said “don’t do anything silly. You are going to a music school. You have no chance of being a musician at any time since your parents don’t believe in you, that’s why you must play this way.”

In the beginning I was quite shy, so my parents taught me to act a little and I was actually fine. After high school I would try to be a musician and have done a few things, but of course it did not work out at all.

But in middle school I still made the effort and it was possible for