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I know I am not a big fan of piano. I like the way it’s structured and can be easy to use when I need to improvise. So I don’t necessarily think violin is a better choice. As for violin, the key thing here is that it’s not a real class! I’ll admit to the fear of playing in a live band and having to play with no one in sight… you just need to be able to read music clearly and feel comfortable around people. Also you should be able to play a repertoire you’ve had at least one try at at least twice.

What can you say that you could not say in previous interviews about the upcoming film?

I’m not really concerned about what the movie is going to be like because I have no idea yet. What I do know is that I am very confident in the performances I am going to give and that a positive reaction from those audiences will make me very happy.

Tucked into the New York Times’ “The Rise of Populism” series, an article titled “How Donald Trump’s Appeal Is Reducing American Conservatism” explains how “liberal intellectuals” like President Obama, President Clinton, and Bill de Blasio are all “stomping their feet” over whether or not to endorse Trump, while “conservative intellectuals” like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are calling upon Americans to make sure Trump is “not our nominee.”
Cara - How Far I'll Go sheet music for piano solo [PDF]

“Liberal intellectuals” like Obama are “stomping their feet” over whether to endorse Hillary, because “they fear that supporting Trump may mean endorsing Trump-ism.” Liberal intellectuals are “distracting themselves” with their obsession with Bernie Sanders.

[In a recent interview with Vox, Glenn Beck said he is going to vote for Hillary Clinton for “every single reason.” “I would have no problem with her or with anyone else that was running at what we’re at now,” he said. That said, he would have no problem with voting for anyone, “with equal weight” if he had “to pick between someone like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for president.”]

But “conservatism” is becoming irrelevant in the United States. As Rush Limbaugh (a right-wing American-born immigrant who fled from Germany) puts it, “What conservative intellectuals are afraid of is that Donald Trump is going to lead us to the cliff [into socialism] and it’s not that that’s going to happen [but because of liberals].”

As The New York Times reports

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