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To see why I chose this example, let’s compare this violin to one that is first on Amazon. I have an Amazon prime account and you do not. The Amazon prime account is not worth the $25+ fee, so I use a second violin and get the same quality: two-handed sound.

Another way to look at this is to play a simple piece of music (a C# minor chord over D major chord)

Then play a different type of melody: the D minor chord over the F major chord.

Let’s say the quality is good (A) and the price is $30.

Then what would be the best value you could get for that violin? Well, the violin is actually a very expensive instrument. It costs the world’s richest person $1.3 billion a year. So if you could use all that money to get a violin that played the same quality, you’d save $100,000 a year. Which is a nice savings. And if you know where to look it is easy to have that happen.

So this is the story behind what I called the #1 violin in the world.

And by the way, most people, and I mean most people who have spent time researching this article, actually call it the #1 violin in the world.

What does it sound like?

I’ll talk about how all this sounds on the blog tomorrow.

And for fun, I’ll be playing the #1 violin from right now:

#1 violin in the world:

I will play for each violin individually.

The same violin from each bow position. My fingers are all touching the same string. This means no changes in volume that would alter how it sounds.

Here is why I chose the #1 violin in the world:

This is the most common type of violin I play. When I try to teach a new player the #1 violin from the first violin position, I find that even those who had never heard a stringed instrument before, start asking me questions like, “When will I get to play this kind of music?”

And that is when I know there is a new violin out there just like the one we are looking at here.

(For fun, here’s the video I recorded earlier to prove this point.)

And what do the other bows look like?

As you can see that is all wood. In this

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