Is first violin better than second? – Can I Learn To Play The Violin On My Own

First, no, absolutely not. You are very different in the other ways. If you only played the violin for that and just played it for joy instead of working on it, you would learn much less about it. Then maybe some of the things you might have learned will no longer be useful.

Then you start to understand the importance of knowing an instrument much better than you did before. It’s like a big and complicated project with all the parts and pieces. And the parts and pieces are not as easy to get the feeling, but they are really important. You can learn an instrument well while you are in the middle of an important project, but if things are not going well then it might be better to play for yourself, to see what you feel, what you enjoy.

If you don’t do that, then, if you continue with the same music and just playing it at one level, you will never be able to make a different opinion [about the instrument]. Now that you can, let’s talk about the quality of sound.

The quality of sound comes down to how strong the instrument is. What do you mean? The quality of sound is what makes you enjoy the music that much.

You can hear a violin playing, let’s say, something that you might really love. It’s not a different sound. But then the next second, you think something really terrible, and you can’t continue playing.

What if you can’t find the reason? If you can’t explain the reason?

You might need more time. I don’t have that kind of memory. If you remember a piano playing the music of “Eine kleine Nacht,” you know how wonderful it was. It’s a beautiful composition. Yet you never really understand why.

Some of the greatest players have a strong connection with the music. The greatest players of all time have a connection with the music because of the way they feel. I don’t feel as if it had to be written in the music that way. I just like the music so much that I can express myself in the way I hear it.

You say that feeling makes the art. If you can feel what you are doing and the satisfaction of doing something great, that is what makes it art.

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