Is Cello harder than violin? – Learn Violin Sheet Music

A: No, because Cello is a very simple instrument compared to violin. But that is because of the simplicity and also because of its structure. The Cello strings are all the same. When you make violin you find certain strings which are thicker (the violin string is thicker, so for example, in a violin bow the bowstrings have a wider gap which means that the bow is thicker so it takes a harder stroke), where in Cello all the strings are thinner and a few of them are more flexible (in a cello, the celli strings are thick so it is easier for them to bend back towards the strings). So you have to remember that when a violin player plays a very dense and very thin string, they get very close to making a perfect sound. In a cello bow it is impossible. So you should try to play the Cello strings in such way that you have to make sure that your bow is very stiff and that this is your reference point in moving down the string, so that if you bend the strings a little and then it is back to the right or down to the left, it will sound perfect. Also I must advise that when you are practicing the violin, you must keep on practicing the Cello strings and you must keep your hands and fingers soft because, in general Cello is a very fast instrument and you should try to keep your hands and fingers soft as a counterbalance.

If you think that violin sound is very complex, you should look more at cello. I have always known that cello sound is very complex but I was not able to find a single thing in the cello in which everything was clearly explained. Also what is the most important part of playing cello? If you play very slow, how are you able to make the right sound? When you have to play very quickly, how much is that helping to achieve the correct sound? What is the most important part of playing? It is about being able to make a perfectly consistent sound that is clear, bright and without any mistakes. 69144 - Progressive Violin Method for Young Beginners ...

The key is to work on developing your abilities to make consistent sounds, being able to make the sounds that you want and to be able to concentrate on the parts of the music you think that you know the most well. But do not worry too much when you play. You should work very hard to be able to play well for a very long time. Your skills will get better as you continue to play and to improve.

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