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My answer to the first question is “yes, and in some places it’s harder than violin. I haven’t been there yet, so I’ll stay a bit more in-depth with the second part of your question.”

But I’m glad to say that there are some very clear differences between Cello and Violin. For one, the scales are different. When you play Cello, you can play one scale at a time. With violin, the scales are made up of multiple scales so that one can play several scales simultaneously, but that can be hard to do from one string.

That isn’t always a problem for soloists – in fact, with a soloist it would be very easy to arrange to play the scales at the same time with one string. But in a group performance, where there are so many players and so much to be heard, you need to carefully time the passages and arrangements so that you don’t have other Celloists and Violinists doing the same.

The other clear difference is that the Cello Scale doesn’t have all the other chords and scales that are found on a violin.

Cello has the following notes:

#4 C

alt A4 (in the V7b9 chord)

alt Cm

alt 3 Cm

alt F#m

alt 1 C F

alt m4

alt Bm C-m

alt F#m

The Cello Scale is often used to set up the bass notes of the Bass Line

So if you want to solo over this, you need to set up the bass note in the Cm scale and work out the bass line. It would be great to hear all the notes you could use to play the Cello Scale, but then I’m a bit afraid there may not be a Bass Line for you.

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So if you’d like to learn more about this new system, you can do this lesson, where I go over these differences in details and I also show you a few of the things you can do to learn the new scales easier. It’s all done in a 7 lesson, downloadable lesson file.

Or you can watch my video tutorial.

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