How much should I tighten my violin bow? – Violin Lessons For Beginners

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It varies:

For the most serious players the bow should be tightened to at least 1/8″ per octave over the entire length. For less players the bow should be loosened 1/8″ per octave above 1/8″ per octave.

For the serious player, 1/8″ is less than 2 octaves from 1/8″. For less serious players, no more than about 1/4″ is required.

But for less serious players, 1/4″ is too much! If there are problems with your violin, it is important to take it to a professional.

Will my bows break?

Yes, this is absolutely not an issue on a violin that has been tuned a thousand times. The bow will break during extreme tension such as playing fast passages. The best violin bows can last a thousand times longer before breaks than modern strings and the most expensive bows will last as long as the strings.

Is there a limit to how stiff my violin bows are?

There is no limit to the stiffness for the traditional wooden string violin. But modern string instruments tend to have much tighter tolerance than the older instruments. So, you will want to have at least one string of the same length to make the whole bow comfortable. It is a mistake to have a bow with several strings and even stringed instruments are not made in the same way for strings of different lengths.

Does my violin have a trem arm?

This is not an appropriate question for anyone to ask your violin! It is one of the most common questions at the violin shop, I have personally seen the best bow on the market, that is a violin with an elegant, long violin arm. It may be the right option for you, and for most musicians. But there are so many other factors that should be considered. The most important one is the quality of the wood in your violin.

Is my violin made of wood?

When you see a piece of wood you can be sure that it has the highest possible moisture content. If a piece of wood is so dry that it is almost powdery there is not much point in buying it. But if the wood is wet to the touch then you may want to consider a violin that has a much heavier gauge of wood in order to provide the bow enough weight to help with its action. But there is no limit to the wood you could choose and this will depend largely on your musical needs. In general,

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