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My experience of buying a violin, when I was new, was a long time in the making. So the following budgeting system is designed to be helpful when you choose a violin. It will guide you through the early stages of your learning, as well as when you need to replace your stock with a new one. As a starting point for this, I recommend you get a good quality violin you like and have played for some time. It will take a little longer to develop the correct technique to play your instrument. I would suggest this: buy a low-priced, good quality violin and play to get acquainted with the instrument, in order to give you a feeling for what it’s like to string a violin. It will help you know what to expect.

I’m new to stringing, and have made some mistakes in the beginning. What should I do first?

You are a beginner, and it’s difficult to get your head around exactly how to string a violin. When you learn to string, a lot depends on the string that will be used to fill holes on a violin. A “flat-head” violin, such as a violin you see in a museum, is not recommended for beginners. That’s because it requires more practice. But it can be very rewarding if you practice regularly and get a knack for stringing. Other good choices of strings, include the Dolin’s or the Frelo strings , and most strings for violin have their own specific styles and features.

What should I practice as first steps?

Practice your fingering, rhythm, and timing, and keep the string on string. A good violinist will know all the fingering, rhythm, and timing so that practicing can become second nature.

I’m new, with no violin experience at all. Should I start with a beginner’s violin, or more expensive instruments?

When you learn to string, you gain your own unique technique, so it’s good to have some experience before buying a new instrument. But there are also good beginners’ strings. First-generation violins are popular with classical instruments, like the Fender Mustang or the Fretless Stringed Instruments (FSI’s), and there are also new strings designed specifically for beginners. These include the Huygens II or the Yamaha B-3, and sometimes even B-5 (which is a modern version of the F-3). Of these, the Yamaha B-7 and the D’Addario B

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