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When you say $200 you’re thinking of the price you paid for an instrument that weighs more than 30 pounds. In most cases the cost of a stringed instrument is $500 to $600.

The string itself is probably $30 to $35. A bow ($500 to $600) is usually included as part of that instrument.

So what about the violin bow and what is it used for?

The violin bow is most often given as a gift. But it has other uses as well. Many schools, churches and others use the bow as an alternative to their instruments.

The bow can be used to recreate a certain tone to an improvised orchestra. It can be used to create the sound of a violin.

Most importantly, most bow-makers work within the confines of the violin’s instrument. They make and sell one type or type of bow. You have to make it in a certain style or scale.

A stringed instrument like a viola is made in a very large area. They make thousands of bows every year.

How do violin bows compare?

If you compare it to another instrument, the violin bow is worth a lot more.

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They cost $200 to $500 for the bow. The violin can cost $3,000 to $4,000, and the bow can cost $20,000 to $30,000.

How to choose a violin bow

What are you looking for in a violin instrument? The first and most important thing when deciding between the bow and the violin is fit.

Your body has to fit the violin so well that it’s not uncomfortable. The string has to be long enough to allow you to bend it, but not so long that it’s uncomfortable enough to stop you from playing.

Most bows are made to be made for a body that’s long, wide and deep so that you can fit the bow comfortably in your fingers. Some people like their hands to have a touch of curve. Those who like a flat hand.

Your neck needs to fit well with the violin so it doesn’t hurt if you have to bend it. When you think of a violin, you often think of a violin bow.

If you want your violin bow to be as durable as it can be, you need to choose something other than stringed instruments.

Do you need a guitar or a bass?

When you’re considering the violin, you don’t

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