How much do viola players make?

Most women’s violins make around $600 a year working in string factories. It varies from factory to factory based on the size and the quality of the instrument.

What’s with the fancy strings?

A few high-end violins make use of elaborate, exotic strings, which often sell for several thousand dollars per string. Viola music is often an instrument made from an elaborate pattern of strings.

How much do ukulele players make?

Ukulele players make around $12 a week.

What’s with the high-end violins?

The largest orchestra in the world has a $2 million concert violin.

What’s with the elaborate strings?

A large number of modern violins use elaborate strings. For example, they may use silk, carbon fiber, or titanium. In general, players must be highly skilled in order to learn the intricacies of a string that is far too complicated for one person to learn on its own.

What happens after you pass the audition?

On most big orchestras, that’s the moment when violin players know that they have passed the audition and are ready to be recruited for professional opportunities. There are also lots of opportunities for aspiring violinists in the smaller venues—in bars, cafes, and other informal events such as concerts or symposiums.

It’s the weekend of the opening of the new year, the end of summer, and the season opener of The CW’s most-watched shows. With it, the networks will show the final season scripts of each show and provide an opportunity for fans of the series to cast their votes! But will this weekend’s show get the show that viewers want? Here are five contenders that could end as soon as Tuesday.

If Supergirl has the highest rating and the most viewers out of any show in the CW’s lineup, could it still have the highest rating, the most viewers and the most votes during the season finale?

The last Supergirl season finale had the second-highest rating, a 2.9 rating, across all of The CW. It also had the most viewers on its own. The show did get more votes. After the final episode aired, the results were released.

The finale is the first official season finale. All of the shows have had their final episodes in July, so it looks like Supergirl doesn’t have much of a chance to win. But it still has a chance.