How many hours a day should I practice violin?

It depends. You may find it helpful to practice in a day or a day and half, but that will usually not be enough. Many violinists find that they need hours of practice. It takes practice to become proficient in many areas of the violin.

The most important lesson we’ve learned is to take the time to practice. The best way to make the most out of your practice time is to do each of the things on this page as much as you can, in just two or three days. Your practice time will be greatly improved.

How often should I practice?

In order to learn, it’s important to practice a lot. If the violin has a specific technique to learn well, it’s more effective to practice it multiple times a day than to practice with one person for a period of time and then just stop with practice. If you have other interests, you can make the same claim for other areas of the instrument.

What’s the optimum practice time?

If you want to succeed with your playing, the best practice time is just before you begin the next session of practice. It’s like the next shot after shooting: You’re going to be sore next time. It also takes more work and patience to get started with just an hour or two of practice. The same thing happens in a session. You have to practice longer, especially if you’re not practicing alone. That’s the best time to be playing well.

How to learn a new concept or technique

A new concept or technique requires a lot of practice, as well as studying and practice with a good teacher. That’s just as true as in the case of learning to play an instrument. A great teacher teaches you to play very effectively and then you move on to the next lesson. But there are other methods to learn new things, too.

There are many techniques people have used over the years. But over the years there have come up certain problems and techniques that seem to work well for everyone. You don’t know what you’ll do as an individual so you can’t always count on the method or technique you know or have used before. However, for many, the method or technique always works. For this reason, it’s better to find the concept first and then learn it quickly and then apply it.

The best way to learn a new concept or technique is to study and study with a good teacher. Don’t try it unless you know exactly what you’re doing. For