How long does it take to learn the violin? – How To Learn Violin For Beginners

“It depends. The first time, it’s very difficult. You have to practise with different technique. We know that there are people who play as well as us with a violin and even more who can play a cello – but it takes time to really take advantage of any skills that we have.”

What are the benefits when a pupil learns a violin in the private setting?

“When there isn’t a group of players around you, you could play anything, even on an iPhone. It is very easy to see that with a cello. The other thing is when it is a private setting there is less noise. You have to concentrate on that. With a violin, it is more about the sound and the feel in the hands.”

We are happy to introduce the first set of the new 2015 JHG HTS-3x30x60 and HTS-3x50x100 models for the JHM2-6BX2 and JHM2-24X2 satellites (see above for more info).

The JHM2-6BX2 and JHM2-24X2 are both new, higher end versions of the popular JHG JH22-2×30 and JH2-3×30 models. Both are of the same configuration as the JH22-4x50s which are available now. The HTS-3×30 and HTS-3×50 models also have the full HTS-3x30x60 capability, although the HTS-3×30 and HTS-3×50 do not have the HTS-3×60 capability yet.

The new HTS-3x50x100 models also include:

Cameras (for both cameras)

Cable management (allowing the control of all the cameras simultaneously)


Satellite antenna


The HTS-3x30x60 and JH2-6BX2 models now also include the capability to use the camera’s internal HD video capabilities, in addition to the HDMI 1.3 video output.

The new HTS-3x30x60 does not include the new HDRI for the HDRI-compatible cameras. Instead, the HDRI should be available for future updates of the cameras. (HDRI is an additional digital signal that takes a digital “solo-lens” picture – you can see

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