How do I make my violin less scratchy? – Learn Violin Online Beginner Art Courses

There are a number of ways that you can remove the feel of the strings. You can use a thin wiper blade to remove the excess wax; a wax scraper may do a much better job. (See the tips section above for some suggestions on cleaning your instrument.)

If you do decide to replace the strings yourself, it is very important to give it at least one week before playing a show. It may take as long as five weeks after the replacement.
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What should I do if one of my strings becomes tangled?

Sometimes the strings may get caught in a loose string wrap, or they may get tangled in the wrap itself. If you can’t free them, you can usually put a new wrap on. The easiest way to put a new wrapped string on is to place the wrapped string at the end of it.

What should I do if I have trouble with my violin playing? There are a few specific things you can do to help improve your playing (see the section called “My Experience” below for some tips)

I want to see a video that helps you with the tips I mentioned above. Here it is in action.

How do I get to my rehearsal space to practice?

If you are touring, a nearby public transportation system may be preferable to driving. In order to get there, call or email the tour coordinator.

If you are playing in an orchestra, there may be someone on hand if you need to speak to them.

If you are playing with a band or an orchestra, ask them to direct you. You may need to leave a phone number, or ask that someone else answer your call.

I don’t have the resources to arrange this, but maybe you do and would like to volunteer your practice space at our store – just contact us.

What if I am playing with instruments and equipment that are not violin models?

If you play with instruments that are not violin models, or not fully figured out, you need a professional string worker.

What should I do if I have trouble with my piano? Sometimes a violin is better.

Should I hire the “real” expert?

You may be surprised at what the real expert says is the right way to go.

If this is a first-time violin student, here is an interview I did with the violinist/expert (a lot of time was spent on my violin playing but this video was taken about

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