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To answer this question, let’s start from the beginning. When you first begin learning to play the violin, you’ll need to know how to learn to play with a single violin bow. By the end of the book, you’ll master this skill. So be sure you’re learning to play a different bow! If your bow is a bassoon, for example, you’ll be learning to use it as a single bow. Learn more about different bows and learning to play with them. If you’re a baritone, learn to use a bassoon bow. Learn how to read and play the tablature, including where they’re placed. Learn to read tablature, and how to place them correctly on your musicstand and in your hands. These are critical lessons you’ll do over time to become a better violinist. We’ll cover different ways you can practice these basic skills as well as other important things, including music theory, and how to develop good habits of making a well-calibrated sound and reading and playing with instruments. When this book was originally written in 1997, we didn’t have much to say about learning the violin. We wanted to focus on learning to play with your fingers, instead of your fingernails. We didn’t want to tell beginners how to move their fingers. We’ve decided to rewrite this book with a new focus on finger technique in mind. We know the finger techniques of more experienced musicians and have put a special emphasis on how to improve those techniques. We’ve also added an extra chapter of notes and scales for beginner musicians to give them even more options to practice and perfect fingering skills. We’ve decided to take this more serious than simply teaching players a few things they’ll need to know. We’ve decided to make sure you’re learning all the other fundamentals to becoming a great player. The more of those you know today, the better off you’ll be. And after you learn those fundamentals you’ll be able to begin making the connections that will lead you to success in life. We will tell you when those connections will begin to appear on your music. As always, feel free to print out a copy and give it to a friend to read to his or her children or grandchildren and see how the fundamentals relate to the problems of


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