How difficult is violin? – How To Play Violin Chords

How hard are we able to make it?

First of all, I would say that I am not a guitar player. The guitar is very hard to play, and the most difficult of all.

But I think that one of the difficulties in making instrument is that you have to have a very good temperament so that your fingers don’t overwork.

I have to play this piece so much because so much time and so many times of practice are required, that I am not able to play it very well unless my fingers are strong and my fingers are able to stay in tune. The more relaxed and easy I keep it, the easier it seems. In my case, it is more difficult because I am not familiar with the piece and very often I need to take a very good breath before playing the string to make sure I am playing in tune.

You often go to different countries where violin is played and how do you like it?

I am very happy with it. I have played it in many places, but they are not good as it happens in Germany. They were so beautiful then, and I am very grateful to the musicians who played this piece very well over many years. The Berlin city was the first time I have heard it in my living years.

Is there a place you always go to in the orchestra where you can listen to the pieces you have composed?

I love going to the Munich Chamber Orchestra. Of course I had never been able to attend a concert there, but now, when we have a rehearsal there on Mondays, I can hear and listen to most of the new compositions. And I don’t mind when there are only eight or nine people in the orchestra or in the band, but usually, especially on the second Sunday after the Mass, there are twenty or thirty. So, I like a good atmosphere around the symphony.

What would you say your biggest mistake as an arranger?
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If my biggest mistake has to be something personal, it would undoubtedly be that I’ve never studied violin until now and hadn’t studied anything.

I think there are two kinds of mistakes; in the first place, I have learned to have an interest with a string instrument, like how I have to study piano. But I am still far from it. The second mistake is very serious about it, as we’re not allowed to work with certain instruments, such as the oboe, the cello or the violin.

How can a violin

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