How can you tell if a violin is vintage? – Easy Way To Learn Violin Notes Worksheet

The tone will never change from the day when the violin was made.

Is a string gauge or gauge number an indication of the quality of a violin?

The instrument should be of the finest grade. A very fine violin can be quite expensive. As is obvious, higher grade instruments such as violins take much longer to finish.

Why is it important to properly measure/measure before buying a violin?

Measurement is the only tool to be able to predict the true worth of the violin. After you’ve made your purchase you must have it measured, for the price of $99.00 a single violin should be evaluated carefully for its condition.

I bought a viola, and it did not work. What do I do?

It is best to return it to the seller and have their office call the manufacturer. You’ll then be able to work out where the problem is, how much repair is required and how long it should take. The seller would have the instrument inspected and the work performed. Then it will either be returned to the manufacturer, or you can use your credit card and order a replacement.

Why can’t I see the finish that was used on a violin?

The violin and the wooden piece must have the same finish. If not, then it is considered “unfinished”. It is difficult to know if a piece of wood is “unfinished”.

What is the difference between finished, unpolished and unpolished violins?

I can’t tell from the pictures. I don’t know what the difference is between a “finished” violin as in it is in perfect condition and does not require any finishing whatsoever while an “unfinished” violin is one where “a little” has been added to it over the years but overall it still looks like a new instrument.

I have a Viola, does it need to be oiled?

No. There is no need for oiling of any kind. After it leaves my shop I take it to a certified violin specialist for cleaning and oiling. This is something you can tell is a great step in maintaining a beautiful instrument. You can tell if your instrument has been oiled by the bright shine under the finish.

Am I buying a brand new violin?

I don’t buy a brand new violin, instead I buy a used violin that I am replacing with my new one. It is important to note that the buyer does not need a valid

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