Do violins hold their value?

Yes, for at least the short term. Violinals hold up better than other instruments, especially the bass viols, but the difference is lessening over time.

How many violins (corne-basses, bass, uke-basses, or the like), and their relative value to other types of violin, can one own?

If you plan to play, but have no experience, it might make sense to look at learning to play a bass. It’s an enjoyable instrument, as well as playing at a very high level. For beginners, the Yamaha V-3 is a great choice, because it’s light for younger learners, it looks good in person, and is available to buy online almost instantaneously. For serious students, the Yamaha Violin Series VX is an excellent all-around instrument, and is one of the only violins that is a truly all-around choice.

Where can Violins be bought?

Buying a violin requires an investment that is not often found in the purchase of music equipment. The cost of a violin varies greatly, depending upon its age and the maker. Many violins have a pre-owned condition that requires substantial time to reach this condition, and there are other parts that need to be replaced if the instrument is allowed to sit in storage for more than a few years.

Viola’s are often used to play music, so a dealer in the USA isn’t likely to offer one here. Violins come across as very valuable, but their current values are often not well known. You can also check eBay for used violins, where many instruments fetch a great deal for their age. Many are sold as used. You also find used Violin dealers online; it’s important to understand that the instrument might have been a great purchase, but that it no longer has a high-end quality. Many Violin dealers will be able to explain the value of other instruments.

Viola’s are an easy way to discover the value of other violins.

Viola’s used to be quite a common instrument around the 1900s, but are rare in most regions. They are usually kept by hobbyists to use as accompaniments – but I can’t seem to find any in stock. In most areas, a $3-4 buy would suffice.

Which Violins are the best?

For beginning violin players: the Bass-Yamaha U-100, made from 1929 to 1955