Can you teach yourself violin? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson One From Mulan

[laughs] Yes, I’ve been teaching myself violin for about a month now. This means that I am able to do my own exercises – what I’m teaching myself is in fact the exercises that I used to learn as a soloist. Those have all been corrected and re-done so I can practice them with a violin like any other.

What is your favourite teaching technique?

Practice for hours. If you can do that right the rest is self-contained, if you’re on a string that gets pretty fatiguing. I like to do a day or two of practice.

Do you enjoy watching a live performance?

Yes. When I see someone in their 40s with an amp and really nice dress and a great voice, I love the whole experience of it. The best thing about live music is being able to talk to people like an expert with my own voice and I love talking to people about their music. I also have been to live concerts, and it’s a great experience.

What are you up to next?

After this year’s gigs I’m going to London for a year or more and then to Argentina, where I also have a job as a studio musician. I’m also going over to Chile and Peru after that. Also after this year I’m going home to London but this time I’ll be working mostly on the album and recording the new version of my solo album.

Have you ever tried to recreate your voice? What are you finding difficult?

You know, as far as what I’m finding challenging is the fact that I think it can be so easy for most people to mimic their voice. But really I always try to make it harder for myself by trying to be more precise in the pitch of the notes that I play, and trying to develop really good technique. With piano the problem is usually that your hands are too far apart from the piano, and you don’t have enough space between them. For me, when I’m writing on an acoustic bass what happens is that I keep it really really slow, and the notes are in the low range. I have to try really hard to find my voice in the bottom range. And I don’t know why that is, I actually have one hand that’s completely different from the other hand. I think it’s because it’s a very strong feeling, and the sound comes from my other hand, so I can only hear it at that extreme.

So it’s

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