Can you learn violin without a teacher? – How To Learn Violin By Yourself

“I did. I started with a beginner teacher. After a while, he stopped teaching it to me. So I started using a book and started to study and practice. There was one time when I studied the melody in the book and all by myself. Every day I was practicing on Monday, then on Thursday, then on Friday.

“It took about three months but after that it’s the next day. It’s just by myself. I don’t need any help. That’s my path.”

Do you ever feel that way?

“It’s not the same now but in my beginning I wanted to play a very complicated stringed instrument. I used to say, ‘Do what you do on your own’. But now I’m doing just what I like to do. My first major work was in a class – at a private school. There were no staff or teachers to help me. We practiced together and wrote the piece as a group.” – Sebastian M. H.

“I’m working pretty hard to be an opera singer. I don’t consider myself a singer yet. But I’m not saying ‘Oh, I will always be in opera’. I’m just trying to be a good musician. I’m in the company of friends and I enjoy being part of a group. I like to work. I’ve already decided to do it.

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“The problem is that I don’t want to just work and listen. I want to make some new ideas and do what I do.” – Sebastian M. H.

What do you think is the hardest thing to do as a composer?

“I’ve got this feeling where the music doesn’t sound right, it’s not all I imagine. So I say, ‘This is very confusing! I don’t know what I’m supposed to do’. I think a lot of composers have that feeling.” – Sebastian M. H.

“I’ve started to write with my fingers. Every time I create something with my fingers, my memory goes all over the place, because I write in my mind. When you write for someone, you can’t just do it for yourself. I like to put the song in the artist’s hands. That is important when you want to share some music that you feel you will be listening to for some time. It is more important than just having it written because every artist produces some sort of music and I feel like I am doing the same thing, making things, making

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