Can violin be self taught? – Is It Easier To Learn Guitar Or Violin

We’ve been teaching our daughter violin since she was born so she’s just about the perfect candidate for it. She just finished a couple of lessons and she can play a few phrases and her fingers are a little fuzzy so she’s looking forward to getting more training.

Is the violin a “one stop shop” when it comes to learning guitar?

Absolutely! At first I was worried she’d have a harder time with guitar than violin because she’s so sensitive! But now she already has an easy time with all of them. She just wants to learn all of them and be the best violin student she can be.

Do you get to play with your daughter?

We are so excited about teaching our daughter violin because she just loves playing the instrument too! She’s so amazing and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next!

Why do your parents let you keep the violin and piano?

Our parents are amazing and really understanding. As long as we’re committed to it and willing to keep learning with it, I have to admit – it’s a dream come true!

What is the future for violin in Australia?

I really can’t wait to hear the kids playing in the schools and to go to as many concerts as possible! The demand is skyrocketing because of the success of the new series as parents are asking for more violin performances. I think the future for the instrument is fantastic for Australia!

Thank you all so much for sharing your awesome stories with us!

Have you already started practicing on the violin or piano?

I really couldn’t believe how difficult it was until I did it. At the age of three I didn’t know how to play the violin so I got in the car with my dad and my brother to go and play the violin in the street. I thought it was a bit weird but it turned out really easy and I started practicing immediately! I’ve already started a few lessons and even had my first concert as a junior at the age of three – it’s been hard work but I have no regrets!

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