Can I start learning violin at 20? – Learn Violin Notes Game

Well if you’ve got a great idea to explore further, do it! But you also have to be prepared to put in the hard work. You can buy a pretty sweet violin from a violin shop, but what about a school?

That’s where the money is!

As with most of our hobbies, violin practice has a budget and a timeline. The violin schools I’ve worked with are in a fairly pricey city. I’ve worked with teachers who charge $20-$30 for 10 minutes of instruction. (That’ll be $70-$80 each!)

I’ve even seen some schools charge $100+. If I took on a teacher as an apprentice, how much would it cost me? I asked my friend Steve who is a student of one of the major violins and bowmakers in California – and he told me it would be around $30 for an hour of instruction. So you can see the idea of going to a violin school in this article. I’m just presenting some ideas, but I think they can make the process cheaper and more practical!

1. If You Want to Play Violin Like a Pro

You already like violin music. What is it you don’t like? If nothing else, you love the sound. That’s all there is to it.

A teacher is probably going to love you. The music is beautiful, and they can have you playing by the end of your first year when they are really sure it’s your cup of tea. Plus, you will enjoy spending time with them and their students. You’ll be making friends with everybody.

So, how do we make this happen? First, get good. I started with music theory and practiced with friends, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to play without a clue. But if you practice a lot it’ll pay off in a big way. The most important thing is you must practice with a dedicated teacher. They have to be willing to listen, and willing to be inspired by what you see. They have to love you.
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Once you’ve made it in the music profession (and if it helps you become more popular among the people) you’ll have the motivation to practice everyday and stay in shape. It doesn’t mean you have to practice 6×5, but it means you’ll have two or three days a week to exercise in the violin school or a studio. If you want to know the secret to practicing well, just ask the violin world! I

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