Can I start learning violin at 20? – How To Learn To Play Violin Online Free

Absolutely! The easiest and most reliable way to learn the instruments is by making a living. As anyone who has studied music can testify, it’s not hard at all. Just go to the local music school and take a few classes. If you have to be a full-time professional you can start by paying for lessons, but it’s generally a wise investment.

Why is it so difficult to learn violin? Couldn’t you just buy one at an online store?

A violin is expensive to acquire at present. It is a costly instrument. A good beginner violin costs around USD 40,000. That means that if you invest USD 10.00 today you can buy one at USD 70.00 ten years from now. So there is a very high barrier that needs to be overcome before people will be able to join in the music world! You need a high level of education. It’s very hard to be trained as a violinist, and you have to dedicate many hours of your time.

Can I start playing at 20?

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Absolutely! There are many ways to start playing, most of them will allow you to learn the instrument even faster and easier the more you play! If anyone has any tips, experiences, or ideas, please send all feedback or questions to [email protected]

Can anyone play what I play, or if I want to learn how to play can I do that?

Absolutely! But not the same way. This makes violin really fun. You have to learn some technique and be patient if you want to master it. A good beginner violin requires a lot of time, so don’t expect to learn quickly! Learning is going to take a long time. Many violinists can only play their beginners’ instrument until they are 30 or 40 years old. This means that the instrument is so hard and the learning is so hard, that eventually people give up to learn the other instruments too! You need to be a dedicated violinist.

How long is the longest I’ve ever played? What makes me think I can make it that long?

I can guarantee that you can learn any instrument very well, that you’ll never, ever, ever, EVER be tired! Many people say that playing violin is easy, and that it takes a few years to figure out your instrument, but I have been playing violin since I was 12, so I can definitely assure you: you can learn violin extremely well!


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