Can I learn violin in 6 months? – Learn Violin Songs

Yes, if you can show us your interest in it. At our school in London, we try to have a good balance of music and science. Our classes are mainly for musicians or young people to gain experience in a new instrument. They also offer classes as part of their ‘Gifted & Talented’ programme. We also teach advanced music to the community at a private school (in Manchester)

I have a friend who wants to study music. Is it possible for me to join their classes?

It is certainly possible. You will need to find out how many instruments will be available, but the number does not mean much as music is in tune to anything, so there is no guarantee that you will actually learn something when you take the music lessons. You can try and ask a friend for support in finding out, but don’t expect much as we work with the music and science teachers to find out what equipment is available. The school doesn’t want the teachers to be forced into a narrow area of interest, so we try and have them offer advice on what they would like to do if one of their colleagues does join their class.

Is there any music available for my age?

There is music in most languages from a young age. It has taken ages to develop the language-based language skills required to play a piano, and we believe that learning these skills will help young people develop the musical instrument they play. Learning to read means that you are no longer confined to your home, so it has great implications for the environment: a well-developed social life is essential for your music future too.

Do we take English in school?

We don’t generally take English at school as it is not our primary language. We might take music or foreign language if a student has an interest, but I think the main reason is that the children of poor parents cannot afford English language lessons, so it is not the primary language any more. If they can afford, though, to go to school, they will likely be able to get a decent GCSE and will get a good job if they go, so we can see good economic value in it. Our class are not paid and we have no benefits: we do not have any childcare or free school meals.

Can you do tutoring?

Yes, though it is much less common these days. The cost is quite high though: with an extra hour of music lessons you will see up to £500. And some of

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