Can adults learn violin?

The only real prerequisite for being accepted to study for the violin is to have passed one of the five violin and music education courses.

Can I study for the violin at schools, nurseries, primary and secondary schools?

Yes. You can study as part of your course of study for the violin at:

some accredited secondary schools

some private primary schools

or some primary and secondary schools (please check which qualifications you need to have and ask your local school to give you their contact details)

The following primary and secondary schools can not only offer the courses for the violin but for a range of the other musical arts and humanities.

If you are considering studying for the violin at any of these institutions, it is recommended that you follow the information below, and if you do not know which course you need, or which qualifications are required, please contact:

Academic Standards and Curricula, Institute of Education, Department for Schools (020 7955 3350)

Schools to which the information below applies.

If there are any schools that do not appear here and should be added, please make a note on the contact us page:

Contacted to the following schools:

Aberporth School (Altrincham)

Barrow High School (Camberwell)

Boyland School (Preston)

Brooks (Luton)

Buckley Secondary School (Barrow)

Caterham (Oldham)

Carmarthen High School (Camberwell)

Camberwell High School (Cumbernauld)

Camberwell High School (Cumbernauld)

Chambridge College (Mansfield)

Cambridge High School (Cambridge)

Camden College (Nuneaton)

Colchester College (Camden)

Cross Hall School (Camden)

Crosshill School (Waldley)

Cromer Primary (Mansfield)

Crowfield High School (Oxford)

Dalston College (Northampton)

Dalston School (Cambridge)

Dell High School (London)

Dennis Middle Collegiate High School (London)

Dowling Intermediate (Huddersfield)

East Surrey College (Birmingham)

Evergreen College (Brentwood)

Enmore College