Can adults learn violin? – Learn How To Play The Piano Online For Free

Yes – it starts in the classroom – but it goes much further. When you don’t know a great deal about music theory or technique, you can read some great books. You’re not really going to learn all of the theory and technique, but by reading great music books, you will learn all that. Then you can practice the songs, learn techniques, and put yourself in a situation where you can really practice.

How do I get started with violin lesson?

There are many places to look, but the number one piece of advice that I can give is to start with your local concert hall. A new student will need to attend one to get a handle on the instrument, and be shown how to play. You can often find someone there who plays with you, so if you’d like that, that is what you should try to do. When you are confident that you understand and feel comfortable with the instrument, find someone who has been there and done that, and invite them to show you around. And, if it is a very busy class, do a test if you must. Be patient. And then see if one of the many professional teachers is not enough to meet your needs. Remember, it really takes a little time and patience!

My student is in a band, but cannot play. What do I do?

Most violin lessons, whether in concert halls or private rooms, require you to have a certain knowledge of one of the instruments (violin, viola, cello). In a large concert hall you won’t need very much of either. A small professional studio, or a private room with just instruments, are good places to start with new students. However, it does take a while to get acquainted with the instrument. You will need time to practice the chords, so there is only one way to learn to play an instrument. And if you can’t find anyone who understands your music, then you will need to take it up with a professional.

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