Can a violinist play cello?

Sure, but most people think he can’t.

Most people think he can’t even draw a violin bow.

He is actually a great violinist, and I bet he could play a cello for hours.

He’s just not that good—that’s the problem.

That’s what the violin is—an instrument meant to be played for hours each day.

Why can’t the average piano player play his instrument?

Why can’t the average pianist pick up his piano keys?

It’s because they can’t, not because they don’t understand the music.

You just don’t. You don’t get all the way down to it—

—You’re just not really getting all the way down to playing piano or playing for hours each day—

Why can’t a violinist practice other instruments?

Maybe he can.

He really doesn’t need to—even in an amateurish way, he can practice other things—

—so I suppose he just doesn’t want to.

Why can’t a violinist play viola?

Again, most people think he can’t.

A great violinist can play many instrument, and he’s probably very talented. He’s also certainly a wonderful human being—

—who will do anything to impress his friends.

Why can’t a violinist play trombone?

Maybe he gets very excited about it. I bet he’s very competitive and so he finds it very exciting.

Maybe this would allow him to play the violin from the time he’s 4 years old till he’s 50, because the trombone is the only thing he would learn.

Maybe he’s not an incredibly talented instrument player, and this one-off excursion to the piano with his violinist friends may be the only time in his life he gets to play this important instrument.

Maybe he has to learn it for the sake of playing on stage with his friends and his wife!

He might try it one time and then quit it for a while—as many violinists do—to see if it really works as he had hoped, or if it’s any fun afterall.

Or maybe he’s just not that good of an instrument player, and he’ll learn the instrument anyway so just has to learn it anyway.

In any case, I could make a violinist like this, right?