Can a violinist play cello?

This question is often asked.

The answer is no. The human mind is not built to play cello. The human mind has never been designed for music.

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I believe one of the main strengths of the human mind is its ability to abstract, or abstract thought. When we abstract ideas, we have the ability to abstract space, time, space and time again. Thus we can create entire realms beyond our immediate senses that are beyond our comprehension and our understanding. This is when our abilities to comprehend or see are extremely powerful and when our ability to comprehend or see the greater universe also becomes highly potent. The ability to abstract or abstract thought has become one of the strongest, if not THE strongest, of our human abilities.

The more we abstract and abstract thought, the greater our ability to understand the universe is going to be.

If I were to play violin, I can guarantee that I am unable to draw a single breath of pure, perfect bliss that one would experience as I am playing these notes. I will have to stop each note, look down at the violin, and wonder aloud, “Is everything right with this violin?”

The human mind is not designed to play this instrument. I can certainly tell you that I am not an expert in the music of the violin. I am not an expert in music theory or violin technique, as I do not practice either in my spare time nor under my teacher’s guidance. I am confident that if I did my playing would be equally as poor as my teacher’s playing.

So how then do you think I can do it?

One of the reasons why we use music is because it allows us to be creative. I don’t believe that we, as humans, are able to be creative in this way. However, there are hundreds of things that one could do with the human mind that could be considered art. We do this every day. From our own lives to our education, sports, our hobbies, art, music, and, of course, music playing.

The answer is simple.

I believe that the human mind can play music.

You are not asking me for a scientific answer. It is not a matter of conjecture. I am not speculating about some mystical power that I have. I simply believe in it. I simply believe that the human mind is capable of music.

This means that the human mind is more than capable of playing music. It means that the human mind,