Can a 3 year old play violin? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Vibrato

A: Yes. This is a good question, because if you’re asking, “Can someone 3 years old play violin?” I just think that children don’t have a musical ability – they can hear the words and the music but they can’t have a personal, personal relationship to it. Because music is always so much in a child’s face – I think if there’s a child going to school and seeing a violin, they’re going to have a personal connection to the instrument and they’re going to go, “Wow – this is something that I’ve really liked.”

Q: Would it be easier for people to start learning music as a child if they got musical instruments as much as they wanted? If they found it easier to play it then?

A: Certainly not to a greater degree. But I think that’s a very valid argument.

Q: But people get used to getting instruments, aren’t they?

A: I think so. I feel like when we start learning anything, whether it’s math or French, whether it’s French, math, we go from not having that much to having a lot, so I think that learning music is much more of a challenge for young teenagers, even if they enjoy the sound of it. I don’t think they’re capable of the ability to really hear it on their own, so I could see why someone who had that capability wouldn’t want to have it.

Q: Okay, so I’m just wondering – is it not going to make it easier or harder for young teenagers to start learning?

A: I don’t know. That’s an interesting idea but there are a number of things that would make those skills more accessible. First, I think we need to get more emphasis on music education in primary schools. So, I’m sure a few schools have started playing music. Some of them have been good, others have been very poor. But you’ve got more and more preschools having music programs. And if you have a parent teaching one of the children, I’m sure they would like to have that in every single classroom that they have, and they would like the parents who could learn it too.

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Q: It’s more like school, and you haven’t seen an increase in the number of music programs.

A: They’ve definitely risen. I think what we’re seeing more attention on is the quality of teacher training. We’ve really worked hard in the last 15 or 20 years to

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