Can a 3 year old play violin?

And the answer is yes.

The problem with 3 year old children playing instruments is that when we first started school we found it difficult at first to play violin. To start with when it comes to basic musical skill we didn’t have the right tools and we didn’t get much practical experience at all. The only way that the age group began progressing with the instrument was by making lots of mistakes and it wasn’t until they left school that the correct techniques to improve upon became ingrained.
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One of the main reasons we were so amazed when we first started teaching kids in the school with guitar was due to children at a young age being able to make mistakes. We found that there were many mistakes children made that made these basic musical skills much easier for them to acquire and develop over time. To be fair you will sometimes find children who were initially not good but over time they got better.

And you know what? When you go out to teach a younger child you get much more praise than you would expect for a 3 year old player (and if you ever had someone who was very good at playing violin then it would be a different story).

A few examples of mistakes most 3 year olds make:

1. Not having a consistent approach

When a child starts playing they’re not in the habit of performing “normal” finger techniques like playing with your fingers in line with the chord. When you have kids of any age they will have these errors that they will fix as they advance on the instrument.

2. Improving on their mistakes in a very obvious way

We’re just as surprised and surprised when a child has some very obvious mistakes in their playing as we are when they have some of the other “normal” mistakes discussed earlier. The reason for this is that the way in which they are learning and practicing these mistakes is very consistent. Just like a lot of the mistakes kids often make in music we find that by changing up the amount of pressure in our teaching environment (more attention paid to getting kids to play faster) we are getting them to change up their approach, as well as the way in which they practice, to address the errors that we detect in their performance.

3. Improving the speed of their finger playing

The faster they can speed their finger technique up the more they will be exposed to better accuracy. When developing their finger technique we want to develop something that is fast enough for us to have a more difficult time with but not so much that it takes