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The answer may surprise some to hear, but there isn’t much to say about a Yamaha Violin. They’re just another model that everyone loves to think about the most, though they do have their charms. For example, all violins have a soft-drum section to help them sit in the right mood or to work in your ears. Violins are designed to play in all kinds of environments and the Yamaha is no exception. They’re not the lightest, by any means and can be quite a bit louder than many other instruments but it’s their sound that makes them so popular among audiences. And they’ve grown up with people buying violins to be able to play in small groups or even with a partner. And violins are still popular among those who are not professional musicians. We think that the best way to compare violins is with other electric instruments, like guitars, because they’ve got a broader spectrum of use.

The Yamaha can cost around $3,500, which is quite a bit of money. How do you feel about that?

Yamaha made a lot of different models before they introduced these model numbers. Many years ago they would sell a variety of instruments like guitars. I think they were just being more market-oriented, but we still do. My father once had a Yamaha F and it was probably as big as my brother’s guitar.

What do you play on your Yamaha Violin, and why?

I’m an amateur player that has been playing music a long time and it’s probably my most rewarding endeavor when I’m not in front of a piano or violin. I play many instrumental songs like “Jai Ho” with my daughter and “Rhapsody in Blue” and a few other songs that I’ve written myself. Other than that, I’ve been experimenting with electric guitar, ukulele, and stringed instruments, and I’ve had a lot of fun on each type of gear so far.

If you get on stage and play, is it easier to play on a Yamaha versus, say, a standard guitar?

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I’ve always loved the feel of the Yamaha. It’s like a very warm, light guitar that is very portable and good to play with people. Most of my students are musicians that are very dedicated fans of the Yamaha, but I’ve learned how to play with other guitars as a consequence. Yamaha makes a lot of strings and instruments, many for the younger players like myself and for violin strings

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