Are violins expensive?

Can you save up and buy one before you decide you want it or not?

I think you should. If you’re really serious about you want to buy a good violino. Don’t think of it as an investment with the idea to pay it off soon. And what I mean by that, I should have mentioned, is that the violin that you end up buying may very well be worth more than the initial investment you started with. But this is not to say your investment is worthless. What it means, you could be a happy violin maker.

And what I will say right now, is that I think you should learn from the violin makers, like what I’ve learned. I would say as a beginner you should first learn to play a certain instrument, and for me a violin is a wonderful example of a guitar, a bass, an ukulele, whatever you’re interested to do is go buy any one of these and learn how to play, and you start learning things very, very quickly.

So basically the idea is you don’t start with this investment of about £150,000 on either a viola or a cello. The violin that’s best in the world, the quality instrument it’s an exquisite instrument, the best in the world. And all you have to do is learn how to play it.

So then you can buy a violin that’s a hundred times better.

And so you’ll get that value, at least in my opinion. In fact the reason I’m writing this book is because it just so happens I’m very, very fond of any violin that is worth £50,000, £150,000, £200,000.

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You know, any one of them can be very wonderful. The reason I got interested in music was because I got to play the best violin in the world, not just one, so the reason why I’m writing this is that you could be the guy who’s very good at violin, could become a famous violin maker and you could get to play the best in the world, and if the people that you want to buy your violins from like the ones that I just mentioned they just might not be on the best value scale. And it would be because they are on the lower end or not on the upper end of what’s acceptable. You know that a violin is going to be a good tool, it might sound good to a very few people, in fact if you don’t like it you