Are violins expensive?

We should all hope not, given that they produce over 1,600 tones and are a great companion to all the classical music being recorded today. They weigh as much as a car, are made of a thin yet durable metal, last for decades in most cases and have a beautiful voice. Here are four great violins that you should consider getting your hands on.

1. Yamaha C50 (reviewed here)

If you’re on the hunt for an inexpensive instrument but a little confused about the choice, the Yamaha C-50 may well answer your question. This beautiful instrument has a great overall sound that doesn’t sacrifice a lot to make it appealing to the general public. We’ve included this lovely violin in our list of Best Classical Violins.

The C-50 is a beautiful and well-built instrument that is quite comfortable to play. For a more authentic sound you can check out the C-35.

The C-50 is a beautifully crafted and detailed instrument that has a high level of playability for the price-point.

2. Fender Basset

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I have heard the Yamaha C-50 on many recordings and it doesn’t disappoint. The instrument has a great tone, a nice full tone, is incredibly easy to play and has a great sound. I’ve also heard the C-45 in a recording, in which it was a bit smoother, perhaps too smooth because of its slightly lower price. The Yamaha C-50 has a wonderful tone, great balance and it’s a good value.

There’s not a significant difference between the two, although a couple of things do make a difference: The C-45 is built a little differently, and the C-50 is more affordable in terms of price for the same quality.

Fender basses can sometimes sound a bit thin, but they are very well made. If you look up in the manual you’ll find that the C-50 has a larger bridge that allows it to stay in tune better than the C-45’s thin bridge.

The Yamaha C-50 is a gorgeous instrument at just $200

If the C-50 is too cheap for your tastes, don’t worry: There are many other great basses in this class, ranging from the very affordable and elegant Yamaha C-60 from the Fender Heritage, to the more sophisticated and expensive Fender Jazz Bass, which is also a very good beginner instrument. Of course, you can always look for a bargain in a