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Well, as far as I remember, it was pretty safe to say that nobody had a lot of time to play them. Then one day a young chap by the name of Joseph Gebhard came along who had the idea that a violin was an instrument that was suited to be played by someone else. He bought a couple of violins and used them by himself when his mother wouldn’t let him play piano. He wrote a song on the violins and had the melody written down on paper, and then it became a musical piece, with the violin’s melody in it. That was in the fifties, I think. My mother was very proud of him.

SOCIAL MEDIA: You have a special place in your heart for The Doors at this point.

WAGNER: Oh yes. I grew up on them, and it just feels like I was there. I had the pleasure of meeting James, Earl, Bobby, Joe, and many other people. I also had the pleasure of knowing those guys personally, and to see how much a group of people could mean. It’s almost like playing with one of your close friends, or going to a rock show, you go in and it’s a very, very good time, and then it ends up to be one of the worst times, ’cause one or both of you are pretty drunk. But, it was just a great time.

SOCIAL MEDIA: What are some of your favorite memories from attending shows and concerts?

WAGNER: For the last three decades or so, there have been hundreds of shows where I’ve seen a band. Nowadays, it’s kind of a thing of the past. But in the seventies and eighties and ninety-two, you could get tickets to see a show, and it never failed to be entertaining. You could see them play together at the beginning or the end. You could have an extended conversation with them and share that experience. It wasn’t like it is now, but it was a way to be a part of a group. Nowadays, if you’re a rock and roll nut, you go to a concert, and everything is going to be great, but if you don’t pay your fair share, it’s all going to come down to who pays what. Sometimes people get so much money that they can’t take care of themselves, so their fans have to do. It’s the opposite of what rock and roll is now. All we ever

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