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Let’s find out in this Photoshop cheat sheet!

What is Color?

The most famous way of representing color in a photograph is that of the hue channel. This is a three-colors formula used primarily on computers. The first three colors of a color scale are red, green, and blue. This means that two primary colors — red or green — are combined to form the primary hue of a single channel. You can then change the primary hue by changing the secondary colors. And with that, you’re done.

But, there’s more!

A great way to understand how color works is to see it in action. In Photoshop, a few options exist that allow you to alter the hue of a portion of an image. You can alter the hue of a single channel at a time, or can combine multiple channels together to create a new hue.

Let’s look at two possible methods of getting a hue altered using the Hue Channel. The first is to add more green to a channel and reduce its hue — this is known as hue-shift. You’ll often notice it in photos of flowers, where a few green spots can make the flower look different than the surrounding red. Adding more green makes this happen, but in Photoshop it’s easier to accomplish this effect on a separate group of channels, known as hues, using a filter.

The second is to turn the hue of a channel into a range of shades. This is known as hue-mapping. Hues are often represented in two categories: hue channels, which are simply what a photographer used to color their photos, and hues, which allow the photographer to choose different colors (usually of equal or greater saturation) per hue channel.

The Hue Channel

To alter either the hue of a channel or a hue-map, you create a Hue channel, and then assign each color within it a certain range of hue, like a range of shades. It also happens that these range of hues is used by each channel in Photoshop, so it’s important you understand how to alter each color separately as the result. The following example, for example, illustrates this concept.
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Hue Channel 1

Hue Channel 1 is a single green channel, and the only color in this channel is “blue” (0–255). In this example, the hue-shift is performed on the “green” channel. In the example, it means that the hue that corresponds to the color of the

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