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In the image above a woman is on the beach with her children, but she’s not wearing any clothes and in this photo we see that she’s also showing off her skin and the white hairs on her chest. In her photos we see that her body has been toned and her skin toned.

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When the image was originally produced a woman’s skin tone was clearly defined and visible. A woman’s skin tone is not a fixed characteristic when it has been aged. If you were to see one photo of a woman with dark skin on a woman with dark skin, then the woman in the photo has dark skin. In the same way people have been changing their skin tone in recent years, we’re now seeing a woman’s skin colour changing. In one of the photos I showed you her skin has been “toned”, what we see is not quite exactly what we see, but the color has shifted to more greenish tones.

How do I adjust my photos?

This is a tricky issue. First, the “tone” of your image itself doesn’t affect what you see. If you’re working in black and white then all the colours are the same. If you’re working in colour then the colours of your image will shift depending on what you’re printing, or how you have the images framed.

It’s therefore impossible to correct your images by using Photoshop.

For most images, you’ll need to make a copy first and then use the “Adjustment layer” tools to adjust the image until you’re satisfied with how it looks. You could also use a masking tool as mentioned above to make sure you’re not putting anything inappropriate, and this would help avoid any unnecessary changes to your image. But there’s only so much time you can spend tweaking the image! The only time you could take risks is when you’re making a print or you’re uploading it to a website later.

I have a few other articles to help you make sure your images look great:

Do you have a digital assistant?

In the photo above there’s a woman in a dark t-shirt standing next to a white woman. We can see her in two angles in this photo, how have you changed your image since taking it?

She should have been in a t-shirt with a light skin tone. Also, there should be white hairs on each of her legs and back. In other photographs the hair can be in different colours, how have you changed these

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