What is the purpose of photo editing? – Photoshop Editing Course

Photo editing can be classified into two major categories:

Photography, which consists of two types: image editing and color correction

Color correction, which consists of light manipulation, color mixing and color enhancement

You can either edit photos in one of these two categories or you can perform both.

The purpose of photo editing is to add, remove, blend or enhance an image according to your needs or preferences.

If you are a photographer then you can choose to edit by editing the image and then apply or remove adjustments. If you are a colorist this is not done as you are only editing light and color.

What is the difference between camera and photography?

There are a few different differences between photography and digital photography.

Photography is an artistic genre, which is based on visualizing information. The concept is a bit different than digital photography where you can store images, create digital drawings or even 3D models by combining digital, mechanical and electronic equipment.

Photography is very much a hobby. Although the idea of capturing or digitally creating a particular scene is quite different to the digital photography.

A lot of photographers only have a digital camera but still have a very hard time to master the subject of photography. Most also want to capture as much as they can.

Photo Editing Techniques

There are two main categories in photo editing:

Image editing

Color, Light and Light Processing

Color and Light editing allow you to apply changes to color in the image based on the changing color temperature, the changing amount of light in the image and the lighting conditions.

For example, using a yellow colored light bulb to produce an image, you might adjust the brightness of the yellow. This could be done to change the tone or color of the original image.

There can also be situations where you might have to edit an entire shot with a green filter in this case you may need to edit the green as well. This might be done in combination with color, light and color processing.

Light editing is a somewhat different approach to editing a photo. It is meant to eliminate unwanted highlights, shadows, and dark areas of the photo that are not intended to be seen. For example, using a red light is good but removing a red light can get rid of undesirable light reflections.

There are also times when you might want to add or remove color, light and color processing but do this in a selective way. For example,

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